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Customer Service

Customer Service is our upmost concern. We would not have a business if it weren't for our customers. So first, thank you for trusting us! 

WE LOCK GATES - This is something we take very seriously. It will never be a concern of yours that your child or pet might get out during your appointment with us. 

WE REFILL WATER BOWLS -  Pets need water? No problem. We love our four legged family members and will refill their water if we notice it's getting low. 


My kids love to create obstacles as well. We will look over the yard and put all toys in a safe place. No need in losing any beloved toys in order to keep a neighbor envy worthy yard. 


We appreciate the trust our clientele places in us. We want to show this appreciation by always:

  • Showing up when we say we will,

  • Answering our phones or returning calls immediately,

  • Maintaining a professional appearance.

We are so confident in our ability to guarantee a great experience EVERY TIME that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, let us know. We will IMMEDIATELY attempt to correct the issue. If we fail again, you will get a refund of all services. 

No other option

We set ourselves apart by not only our intense detail to customer service and our obsession with consistent quality, but also by making it simple to choose us again and again by offering:

NO CONTRACTS - There is never a need to be stuck with a service provider longer than you want or to feel we are not in a mutually beneficial relationship. We're here to help you when you want to be helped. You have the control. 


Using the proper equipment for every yard is important for the health of the grass. We assure you the proper equipment every time in order for your yard to look it's best everyday. 


Axis Lawn Solutions wants what is easiest for our customers. Online payment is offered and can be set up at the beginning of the month or pay per service. Up to you. 


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